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Divorce and Family Law

Joel H. Hoffman


Joel H. Hoffman

“My unifying objective in serving my clients is this: When your divorce is final or you have resolved a difficult post-decree issue, and you leave my office for the last time, you are emotionally and legally prepared to start the next chapter in your life.”

Free 1-Hour Consultation. Call 602-264-7101 to schedule your meeting with Joel.

Joel Hoffman has been practicing family law in Arizona for over thirty years, and he still returns his clients’ calls before he goes home at night.

Divorce-related worry and stress are almost inevitable ... but they do not have to be overwhelming. Many of Joel's clients have attributed to him their feelings of empowerment and independence as they emerge from one of the most difficult periods that they will ever face.

Joel has a diverse background in law, and his primary focus has been in family law and juvenile law. He also has significant experience in criminal misdemeanor and felony matters. He is an experienced trial attorney who also encourages his clients to utilize mediation, binding arbitration and other forms of alternative dispute resolution.

Joel is a native of Pennsylvania and has practiced law in Arizona since 1984. He received his bachelor's degree from Penn State and his law degree from the University of Akron. Joel is licensed to practice in Arizona and Pennsylvania.

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Family Law

Dissolution of marriage (divorce) with and without children

Temporary restraining orders

Orders of protection including exclusive use and possession of residence

Temporary orders to prevent concealment, transfer, sale, destruction, fraudulent disposition and waste of community assets

Division of assets including, but not limited to real property (QPRTs and short sales), businesses and business interests, investment accounts (401(k), 403(b), stock, stock options, Arizona State Retirement System, Department of Public Safety/DROP Program), retirement accounts/benefits (military and civilian) and division of debts

Appointment of real estate commissioners and special masters


Business valuations involving forensic accounting

Legal decision-making (child custody)

Interview with Conciliation Services

Parental decision-making evaluations

Appointments of “best interest” attorneys

Parenting time

Appointment of parenting coordinators

Spousal maintenance/alimony (Koelsch payments)

Family support and child support

Enforcement of property settlement agreements (short sale and/or refinancing of residences, enforcing obligation to pay debts, division of community assets, division of retirement benefits, equalization payments)

Consolidation of court proceedings

Alternative dispute resolution

Mediation/binding arbitration



Establishment of parental decision-making, parenting time and child support (including IV-D matters with the State of Arizona)

Retroactive child support

Name changes on birth certificates

Adding biological father on birth certificate

Emergency Pre-Decree Motions for Temporary Orders

Liquidation of assets

Ex parte motions for parenting time and child support

Child Support

(including IV-D matters with the State of Arizona)

Contempt for non-payment of child support

Retroactive child support

Laches, estoppel and dismissal of petitions for paternity and/or child support

Modification of child support

Child support arrearages (reducing arrearages to judgment and enforcement)

In Loco Parentis

Parental decision-making (child custody)

Parenting time

Child support


Parental Decision-Making (Custody)
and Parenting Time

Modification of legal decision-making (custody) and parenting time


Appointment of Parenting Coordinator

Custody evaluations

Interview of child with Conciliation Services

Parenting time conference with Conciliation Court

Appointment of best interest attorneys and/or guardian ad litem

Therapeutic intervention

Obtaining Child Protective Services (CPS) records

Grandparents' Rights

Decision-making (custody)

Parenting Time

Child Support

Parental Kidnapping

Writ of habeas corpus

Ex parte emergency petitions for enforcement of child custody orders from other states

Additional Family Law Areas

Enforcement (including, UCCJEA and UIFSA matters) of divorce decrees

Registering (domesticating) orders and divorce decrees from other states

Pro hac vice representation

Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements

Juvenile Law

International adoptions

Hague Convention (Europe, India, Philippines, Mexico and Ukraine)

Interstate Compact adoptions

Step-parent and blood relation adoptions (sibling and grandparent)

Severance/termination of parental rights


Dependency (private and CPS)

Special needs adoptions

Criminal Law

Felony and misdemeanor matters

Driving under the influence



Criminal damage


Child abuse

Under age consumption of alcohol


Restoration of civil rights

Probation violations

MVD administrative per se hearings

Pardons from the Governor's Office

Civil Matters

Personal injury and wrongful death

Adult adoptions

Adult name changes

Name changes for minor children (with or without consent)



Phoenix divorce lawyer Joel Hoffman

Phoenix divorce lawyer Joel Hoffman video

Meet Joel Hoffman

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"In Arizona, At What Age Can Children Decide Where They Want to Live?"

Areas of Practice

Family Law



Juvenile Law

Personal Injury Litigation

Criminal Law

General Civil Litigation

Honors and Awards

Arizona's Finest Lawyers

Professional Associations and Memberships

American Bar Association: Family Law Section

State Bar of Arizona: Family Law Assistance Program

Pennsylvania Bar Association

Maricopa County Bar Association

Dauphin County (Pennsylvania) Bar Association

Arizona Trial Lawyers Association

Court Admissions

Arizona, 1984

Pennsylvania, 1983

U.S. District Court, District of Arizona, 1984


J.D., University of Akron School of Law

B.S., Pennsylvania State University

Representative Results


Successfully assisted a mother in relocating with her minor child to another state due to her fiancé’s employment transfer


Successfully obtained an award of substantial alimony and child support for a parent of young children who had primarily been a stay-at-home mother during the parties’ marriage


Obtained paternity and equal parenting time for a father with his infant child


Successfully obtained numerous child support arrest warrants with orders for incarceration unless the parent owing the support paid a significant child support arrearage purge clause

Successfully determined, through the Arizona Attorney General’s Division of Child Support Enforcement, the amount of child support arrearages owed by father and terminated the IRS tax intercept and his arrearage payment obligation through a judicial review


Achieved a favorable outcome for a client in a dispute over  a business valuation that featured expert testimony for both parties


Successfully obtained a court order for law enforcement to retrieve a child who was unlawfully being held in Arizona by mother, after father was awarded custody in another jurisdiction


Successfully obtained non-blood-related termination of parental rights and adoption of a newborn child for clients who were over 50 years of age


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