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Divorce / Marital Dissolution

You can be confident that our Phoenix divorce attorneys will take every measure possible to protect you throughout the divorce process

The factors leading to a divorce (properly known as "dissolution of marriage") can vary greatly, but all divorcing couples will have to resolve the same general issues. All divorces involve potential issues of property and debt division, spousal maintenance and attorney’s fees. Divorcing couples with children will also need to resolve legal decision-making (child custody), parenting time, and child support. In addition, preparing for divorce invariably requires gathering important financial and other documents that will affect the outcome of your matter.

We will assist you in resolving all of these issues.

  • Property and Debt Division Our legal team can work closely with forensic accountants, appraisers and business valuation experts who are invaluable in helping us determine the full extent of debts and assets involved in a divorce and in evaluating a fair and equitable resolution to your case. We are committed to helping you retain your sole and separate property, while seeking an equitable distribution of your joint assets and community property. Our divorce and family law attorneys have experience in all types of property division issues, including: challenging or enforcing prenuptial or premarital agreements; negotiating and drafting complex property settlement agreements; business valuations; and forensic accounting for claims of waste, concealment of assets or income, and commingling and tracing issues.

  • Child Custody (Legal Decision-Making) Visitation and Parenting Time In Arizona, courts generally award joint legal decision-making (joint legal custody) so both parents remain involved in decision making regarding their minor children. Decision-making and parenting time issues include: sole vs. joint legal decision-making (custody); shared parenting time agreements; supervised parenting time and visitation; primary parent issues; relocation cases; joint parenting plan agreements; drug and alcohol testing; and enforcement of parenting time orders.

  • Child Support In Arizona, child support is based on a formula mandated by the Arizona Child Support Guidelines. We will work closely with you to make sure child support calculations are based on accurate information. Child support issues include: child support calculations; deviations from the Arizona Child Support Guidelines; child support past the age of majority; enforcement and modification of child support orders; and child support arrearage judgments.

  • Spousal Maintenance We have an extensive background representing clients in litigation involving spousal maintenance claims, including settlement, negotiation, mediation and litigation of contested spousal maintenance claims. Our attorneys can assist in seeking an award of spousal maintenance, defending against a claim for spousal maintenance and modifying previous spousal maintenance orders.

Since 1959, we have handled complex divorces involving child custody issues and substantial assets. We understand the high emotions involved in family law and divorce cases. Our top priority is to protect our clients' best interests without adding more fuel to the fire. The Phoenix divorce attorneys at our law firm offer a compassionate approach tempered with sound judgment. We will take every measure possible to help you reach an amicable resolution. However, we will not hesitate to vigorously represent you at trial if your case so requires.



Phoenix divorce attorney Joel Hoffman

Joel Hoffman

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Erik Bergstrom

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