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Probate and Trust Administration

We help you navigate the administrative process that follows the passing of a loved one

For more than 50 years, our attorneys have offered comprehensive probate services. If you recently lost a loved one, we can help you tie up loose ends with the estate. We are available to help ensure every detail is covered from probating the estate, with a will or without a will, to administering the probate estate or trust estate to distributing the estate to the beneficiaries.

Our Phoenix probate lawyers understand that this may be an emotional time for you and your family. Even with a well-drafted estate plan, you may feel overwhelmed. We offer a compassionate approach tempered with sound judgment to help make sure every detail is covered. You can feel confident that we have the skills, experience level and legal resources to deliver a smooth transition to the estate's beneficiaries.

In Arizona, estates proceed through a probate process to ensure a deceased person's assets are distributed properly to his or her heirs designated in the will, or if a will is not in existence, as designated pursuant to Arizona Revised Statutes. However, not every estate will go through the probate process. This is determined by the type and value of assets in the estate and how the property was titled. Small estates can avoid probate all together.

We understand the intricacies of probate administration and trust administration. Our top priority is to help you navigate through the process, while ensuring the intentions of the decedent are fulfilled. We are available to act in several capacities during the probate process. We offer a comprehensive approach focused on addressing your specific probate needs.



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